Solving Algebraic Equations (Very Basic)

Solving algebraic equations is one of the most fundamentalĀ building blocks of algebra. Let’s say we have the equation 3x=9. How do we solve this problem? We divide both sides of the equation by three and we get a solution of 9/3, which simplifies to be x=3. We can check if we are correct in this problem by plugging in 3 to the equation. 3 times 3 equals 9, so we are correct.

Let’s try another problem: 2x+4=5+9. In this problem, we first add the 5 and the 9 together. This gives you 2x+4=14. To simplify this equation more we must subtract 4 from both sides of the equation. This means that 2x=10. Lastly, we divide both sides by 2 to have a solution of x=5.

Here are some practice problems related to problems we worked on in this article:

  1. What does x equal in this case: x+5=7.
  2. What does x equal in this case: 2x=4.
  3. *It is 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Marie uses Celsius and wants to know if it is hot or cold outside. Using the formula y=(9/5)x+32 and assuming x is Fahrenheit and y is Celsius, find how cold it is outside in Celsius.

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