What is Koehler Academy?


Koehler Academy is an independent homeschool that was created to "hack" our way toward an optimal individualized learning model for our two sons.

Koehleracademy.com is an educational platform that provides resources about secular homeschooling and best practices in educating gifted learners. In addition, Dr. Koehler (Director of Koehler Academy) provides educational consultation services through video-based and email interactions with parents and families.  Recorded online classes in the field of psychology and education are available for purchase and download in the "Online Course" section of the website.  Links to sign up for live online classes are also available.

Meet Dr. Koehler

Jessica Koehler, Ph.D.

Director of Koehler Academy

I am a former School Psychologist turned full-time "indie schooling" (homeschooling) parent of two boys. I have a Ph.D. in School Psychology from the University of Maryland in addition to a B.A. in Psychology (University of Georgia) and an M.Ed./ Ed.S. (Georgia State University) in School Psychology. Prior to homeschooling, I worked in several public school and university settings in multiple states, focusing on psychoeducational assessment and development of interventions for students with social/emotional, academic, and behavioral difficulties. My graduate research focused on school-based prevention, collaborative school teams, and teacher efficacy. In addition, I evaluated children with Autism and/or Hyperlexia in my capacity as the Head Research Assistant at the Center for the Study of Learning, a functional neuroimaging lab at Georgetown University. I also have experience as a lecturer in psychology at two-year and four-year institutions of higher education.

Next Steps...

Koehler Academy was created as a way to document and catalog our educational journey.  In addition, we provide homeschool information and resources, gifted education resources, educational consultation services, and online learning opportunities. Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about any of the aforementioned areas.